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BetterLinks Pro Plugin


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(Last Updated On: September 22, 2023)

BetterLinks Pro

“BetterLinks Pro” is a WordPress plugin designed to help users manage and track their affiliate links more effectively. It provides tools and features to cloak, shorten, and track affiliate links on WordPress websites.

Affiliate marketing is a popular way for website owners to earn commissions by promoting products or services and driving traffic to affiliate partners through special tracking links. These tracking links often contain long and complex URLs, which can be difficult to manage and may not look user-friendly.

BetterLinks Pro aims to simplify the process of managing affiliate links and provides various features, which may include:

  1. Link Cloaking: BetterLinks allows you to create shorter, more user-friendly URLs for your affiliate links. This helps in making the links look more appealing and branded.
  2. Link Shortening: The plugin can shorten long and complex affiliate links to make them more manageable and easier to share.
  3. Click Tracking: BetterLinks tracks the number of clicks on each affiliate link, providing valuable data to analyze the performance of your affiliate marketing efforts.
  4. Customizable URLs: You can customize the slug or part of the affiliate link to make it more descriptive or match your website’s branding.
  5. Link Management: The plugin offers a centralized dashboard where you can manage all your affiliate links, making it easier to update or replace links when necessary.
  6. Geolocation Redirects: BetterLinks may allow you to redirect users to different affiliate offers based on their geographic location, optimizing user experience and conversions.
  7. Link Groups and Categories: You can organize your affiliate links into groups or categories for better organization and management.
  8. Link Expiration: The plugin might offer the option to set expiration dates for affiliate links, automatically redirecting users to alternative destinations after a certain time.
  9. Import and Export: BetterLinks may allow you to import and export your affiliate links to easily move or back up your data.
  10. Reporting and Analytics: The plugin provides detailed reports and analytics on link performance, click-through rates, and conversions.
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