Item version: 4.1.1

WPC Price by Quantity for WooCommerce Premium


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(Last Updated On: September 28, 2023)

WPC Price by Quantity for WooCommerce Premium

Encouraging customers to purchase more and increase their order value is no easy feat, yet store owners have a variety of methods to do so. Offering quantity-based prices is one of the most effective and powerful strategies as it requires very few convincing actions. These pricings can be divided into two types: volume pricing and tiered pricing.

Volume pricing works best for manufacturers and wholesalers as it incentivizes buyers to acquire additional items in order to receive a lower average price.

Tiered pricing can also be employed with WPC Price by Quantity for WooCommerce; store owners are able to designate separate levels of pricing that can either raise or decrease cost based on the user role.

This plugin’s table layout facilitates both volume and tiered pricings, enabling customers to visualize the decreasing unit price when they upgrade their purchase size while retailers gain higher profits without having to stretch their budget too thin.

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